Svetlana Kharchenkova is a lecturer at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, the School of Asian Studies. Her research focuses on the art market in contemporary China, which she approaches from the sociological perspective. She teaches courses on the society and culture of contemporary China.

Kharchenkova will defend her PhD dissertation in sociology at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam, in 2017. In her dissertation, entitled “White Cubes in China: A Sociological Study of China’s Emerging Market for Contemporary Art”, Kharchenkova explores how China’s market for contemporary art has been emerging in the past several decades. In particular, it investigates how its organizational forms, such as galleries and auction houses have been established in the market, what valuation mechanisms have developed, and what shared understandings about the market overall its participants share.

For this project, she collected ethnographic data on the practices and beliefs of artists, gallerists, collectors and other participants of the Beijing art world. Kharchenkova’s PhD research was part of the large-scale project “The Globalization of High Culture: How Markets for Contemporary Art Develop in Brazil, Russia, India, and China” funded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), the principal investigator dr. Olav Velthuis. Building from this work, Kharchenkova is currently working on a book manuscript. Previously, she conducted research on China’s publishing industry.

Her research interests include contemporary China, cultural sociology, economic sociology, creative industries, market emergence, valuation, globalization.

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